Creativity Week, Day 2: Rupi Kaur

Welcome back to day two of creativity week. Today we will be looking at the theme of Poetry. The woman that Girl Boss has chosen to focus on today is Rupi Kaur. Rupi Kaur was initially born in India, yet later moved to Canada.

Image: Rupi Kaur

An Article by Harriet Hampson

The reason as to why we have chosen to focus on Rupi Kaur is because her poetry contains powerful messages that shed light on the adversities that women continue to face in contemporary society.

However, Kaur does this in a simplistic manner, which ensures that the prominent messages are accessible to all. Moreover, Kaur is also a poet worthy of attention because she uses her poetry to explore the hardships that female minorities face in particular, a topic often neglected in public literary conversation and perspectives.

Another reason as to why Girl Boss has chosen to concentrate on the work of Kaur is because of the way in which she incorporates illustrations into her poetry. Thus, we see that there is a unique blend between poetry and art.

Her Poetry

The poems found below have been carefully selected due to the underlying themes that are explored by Kaur.

Rupi Kaur Poem 1
Image: Rupi Kaur

In this first poem, we see that Kaur utilises her creativity to illustrate that beauty is the concept that society tends to associate with women.

However, this means that women then start to become defined by beauty and their other skills, strengths and qualities become overshadowed.

Kaur, in this poem sheds light on this societal concern and rightly states that society ought to recognise that women are more than just beauty, but are powerful, strong and hardworking members of society.

Image: Rupi Kaur

The second poem explores the theme of envy. In society there is a tendency to only be able to see our own worth when putting others down in the process. Kaur illustrates how this is one of the biggest faults in humanity.

While Kaur recognises that it occurs, she also recognises that it is not easy to stop doing this. This implicitly highlights the struggle of wanting to be a ‘good’ human but also the difficulties that come with this.

If you are interested by Rupi Kaur’s poetry, then you should look at her collection of poetry, Milk and Honey or her two subsequent collections, The Sun and Her Flowers and Home Body.


In general poetry is an extremely beneficial way for one to express themselves. What is important to note is that poetry, whilst often complex, can also be very simple. Thus, the apparent complexity of poetry should not deter individuals from writing poetry as there is no set standard as to what poetry is and has to be.

Moreover, poetry can is also an educational tool that can be utilised to educate society on the issues that women continue to face. This is vital to recognise because education is one of the prominent ways to combat and put an end to such adversities. 

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