Creativity Week, Day 4: Jane Austen

Jane Austen, born in 1775, was an English Writer. Austen has been chosen by Girl Boss for reasons that go beyond what Austen is commonly recognised for. Austen, commonly denoted as a literary genius, has undoubtedly contributed to the literary world. However, Austen has been selected by Girl Boss, firstly because she is a contemporary writer who began to challenge the role of women in society and the apparent dependence women had on men

Creativity Week, Day 1: Frida Kahlo

Art is a means that many individuals engage in to express their ideas, impressions of the world and qualms. It is also extremely beneficial for one’s mental health as it is a way to destress and relax. The first individual that we’ve chosen to highlight the amazing life and work of is Frida Kahlo.

An Eternal Girl Boss: the Life and Work of the Notorious R.B.G

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “the notorious R.B.G.”, or the endearing “KiKi” — these are just a few names the legal giant has been known by. The Justice passed away on Friday, 18 September at the age of eighty-seven. The feminist icon fought (and won) landmark cases in America’s legal history, advancing equality under the law. Her passing is considered not only as a great loss to the American supreme court, but also to the fight for human rights.