The Girl Boss Podcast

The Girl Boss Podcast

Welcome to our new and exciting Girl Boss Podcast!

Picture our podcast as an extension of our ‘Spilling the Tea’ series. Through fun and insightful discussions, we hope to provide personal and professional development tips to ambitious, career-driven women. Like our society, our podcast isn’t just limited to Warwick students; we welcome listeners from anywhere and everywhere, female and non-binary. 

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Episode 1: ‘Coping with Coronavirus Like a Girl Boss’

We know how lonely lockdown can feel, so we want to be a voice of comfort to you during these times. We will be talking about things that you can get up to while remaining socially distanced, as well as the effect that COVID-19 is having around the world. 

The charities that we mention are:

Episode 2: ‘Catching up + Q&A’

Today, we will be catching up with our members, as well as answering some fun and tricky questions, such as ‘what is a popular fashion trend that you would like to bring back, or abolish?”, or ‘what is a supposedly ‘taboo’ topic about femininity that needs to be normalized?’. .

Special thanks to Emily Cashell, Beth Driver, Milena Ermolenko, Hayley Ho, Mioie Kwok, Maya Mannan, Elisha Mayall and Jasmine Warwick for participating in this episode!

The charities/partners we mentioned today include:

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