When it’s time to relax and have a well-deserved break, our socials are the place to be “spilling the vodka” with like-minded people across campus.

We want to make our socials a place where people can come to relax, have fun and make new friends.

We also want to maintain an atmosphere of ease at our socials, thus we provide a multitude of activities.

This particularly aligns with the time of year: as assignments pile on, we provide a relaxing respite; whereas at the start of the year, we try to make sure everyone is meeting new people.

Here is a rundown of some of the events that we hosted this year:

Basement Browns Social

Girl Boss at Basement Browns

One of our first events of the year, Girl Boss took to Basement Browns in Leamington Spa for dinner.

This gave a chance for members to get to know one another over some delicious food and for Freshers to be introduced to Leamington Spa.

Movie Night Socials

Girl Boss Movie Nights

We had two movie nights this year, watching Crazy Rich Asians in the first term and Hustlers in the second term.

We really enjoyed these nights as a way to share laughs (and tears!) together.

Girl Boss Spills the Vodka

We’ve also had socials where you can relax with a cocktail in hand – alcoholic or mocktail – and chat the evening away with fellow members.

We’ve offered these both on campus, in the university’s T-Bar, and off-campus, such as our night in Bedford Street Bar.

If you have any questions about our socials, please feel free to contact us.

Further, if you would like to go to our future socials, please sign up to our free membership to attend our events, gain exclusive opportunities and become part of our wonderful community.